Before you email me, Please read the following:

The main purpose of this page is to try to reduce the amount of spam (unsolicited Email) I receive; and secondly to reduce the number of Emails I receive which I cannot answer due to their being of a general genealogical nature. Regarding the former, I have excluded my email address from most of my own web pages intentionally, for which I apologise in advance for any inconvenience it may cause to those who have good reason to contact me.
Regarding the letter.
PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME GENERAL REQUESTS FOR ASSISTANCE WITH YOUR RESEARCH! This is NOT a good reason to contact me, as I have neither the time nor the expertise to be able to assist. Instead, please take the time to check out the following for alternative sources of enquiry before emailing me, or if you wish to provide me with information, or to enquire about possible shared research interests. I am in full time work, and genealogy is one of my hobbies (probably like you) and consequently I know a lot less about your ancestors than you do.

Please, before you email me, check out the following:

Seeking assistance with an individual query

If you are seeking assistance with an individual research query, you will most likely have reached here via the Essex, page of GENUKI (GENealogical Information Service for UK & Ireland ). Please note however that my role as Web page maintainer is to develop and maintain web pages to contain information of GENERAL interest, NOT to provide an individual enquiry service! Please do NOT therefore send me your own genealogical queries as it is very unlikely that I have the expertise (or time) to answer them and in fact have little enough time to spend on my own research let alone to assist anyone else.

If it's a genealogy query, the genealogy newsgroups, and in particular the soc.genealogy.britain newsgroup is the place to ask. There is an GENUKI FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page where you may also find either the answers to your questions or a link to somewhere else with more information. Alternatively, try one of the mailing lists for the area you are interested in.

In addition, if you haven't already arrived here via the Esses page, visit the GENUKI pages, devoted exclusively to the genealogy of the UK and Ireland.

Finally, please be aware that the data which is available on GENUKI depends almost exclusively on volunteer effort, provided by people like you and me, researching our family history as our hobby. Therefore in Essex, and elsewhere on GENUKI, the information which is available depends where my, and the other online researchers' interest lie! If your particular area of interest isn't covered, then believe me, I do sympathise but there is likely to be nothing whatsoever I can do about it! Hence, if the information you are seeking isn't available via one of the above means then it's most unlikely that I have it, or know of its existence, so you do not need to know my email address.

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Offering assistance with GENUKI pages I maintain

In the main, the information that is provided in GENUKI relates to primary historical research material (census transcripts, parish registers, ), rather than material resulting from genealogists' ongoing research.

If you have genealogical information of this type, for Essex, and you want to share it with others, then please drop me a line giving some details of the information you can offer. If it's available on your own web site, I would be happy to provide a link to it, or if not, I can provide assistance, or web space in making it available, or whatever - and I would be delighted to hear from you.

My Email address is

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Reporting link errors on these web pages

I will be only too pleased to hear of broken links, or any other web related problems on the pages which I maintain, either on the GENUKI site, or on our personal web site. However on the Gloucestershire site alone there are over 1,000 links, and it's impossible for me to remember them all, so I would be grateful if you would include the following:-
Details of the information you were trying to reach.
The URL (address) of the page with the problem.
(or its TITLE, if you aren't sure - displayed in your Windows TITLE bar, and usually as the header of the web page).
Unless it is simply a broken link ("File Not Found") the exact error message(s) you received.
Please also confirm that the error is repeatable and not just the result of a butterfly flapping its wings in Alaska! 8-)

[Hint: Press the "Back" arrow in your browser's toolbar to return to the page which brought you here; then press the "Forward" arrow to return here after you've confirmed the details.]

My Email address is

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Shared research interests

It is most unlikely I will be able to help you in your research if you are simply researching "somewhere in England" for one of the surnames I am listing as one of my interests. Specifically, if you are seeking information, you should contact me only if you are researching the same surname such as (for instance) Linge, I will be most unlikely to have information you are seeking if it's outside my area of interest.

If however you are researching the same surnames as I am:-
In particular, I would love to make contact with anyone researching LINGE, LYNGE or LINGO.

my email address is:

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